Weak economy... not just an aftermath of 2008

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  1. GS was playing a card game with the panic of the people in the United States as Ruse to get paid back for the the trades they housed.. Granted they really meant to be just making money on transactions in the sub prime melt down.. they ended up housing alot of the trades.. as which most have to when they are distributing tons of the stuff.. This is the stuff the Big players jet around and discuss trading against US .. we are economic agents .. cogs in a wheel... they leverage fear and greed against us.. sell us instant gratification... and we bite everytime!
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    Morgan parasite = china

    The other poster. On one hand you're right we don't need more politicians telling big business what to do. If they own it they need to protect & defend it. But, that should be a national imperative and corporate America needsto get it in gear to protect themselves.

    On the other hand if you ask me whom I'm more concerned about 300M US citizens vs 1B Chinese. That answer is easy. I worry about the prospects for prosperity of our nation, the US. As, you should too. That is if you are an American citizen.
    You don't have to pick me up & drop me off in China. I been around the globe a few times & have lived in a developing nation before. I get the starvation thing & its horrible to bear witness to.
    but, if that is your argument for making light of such developments. Let's be clear on something, the business they gain (whether by legitimate or illegitimate means) will be squarely at the expense of our nation's business sectors which will directly translate into a loss of quality of life for your fellow neighbors & citizens. Yes, corporate America as been piggy in years past. But, it's the only one we have, like it or not & as we all know gov't doesn't supply jobs in the volume to truly lift up an economy. Not to mention the future prospects & opportunities for our nation's youth & future generations. If you don't care for yourself at least care for our country's future. American industry is what gave us the
    conveniences & lifestyle we enjoy today & it's currently being fleeced by illegal means. I play for the US team. What Team are you on?
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  3. team humanity, there aren't many of us in existence, one here, one there, spread all over the globe
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    I play for that team too. But, not at the expense of those around me.
    Charity begins at home.
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    I watched a guy programming a 3D printer just yesterday. It was a toyish hobby device and he was just making square plastic blocks but it gave me insight. That technology will bring a lot of manufacturing back to the US. Technology advances very rapidly nowadays, in a few years we might not be outsourcing to Chindia at all... I read Engineering periodicals and saw articles about 3D printers used for making prototypes maybe fifteen years ago, now they can print a concrete house and short production runs of about anything you can think of.

    The US had a very great run and wound up being the greatest economy ever even envisioned. The Public Sector jumped on the back of that economy and rode it into the ground. The wealthy and corporations have ALWAYS had the best politicians that money can buy over most of the course of the US's lifespan to date, that's not going to change. What has changed is that Marxists are in power and they mean business. Obama's church is Marxist [Liberation Theology], his friends and mentors were Marxists, he's talking about doing to all companies what he did to GM.. we're headed down the same path that destroyed Russia [ok, some peasants learned to read but otherwise, forgetaboutit] and makes Venezuela what it is today...
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  6. my home hasn't needed any charity for quite some time, and if it does they know who they can come to, but I will agree with you, the days of easy exploitation with the governments support are over, at least for team USA. (now that everybody else is doing it) If we're not careful, we'll have to start working for a living again.
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  7. i totally agree.. what Obama did when he Gutted GM and gave it to the workers union is exactly what i think his views are and his willingness is more then obviously there... this is a direct attach against the free market system..
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    Those things are great. Work off of cartesian coordinates. I met someone the other night whom built one from scratch. He told me it was a retooling of his skill set as the industry he was in (color picture developing) is now history b/c of digital. I hope that industry takes off.
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  9. Theres a guy printing out organs via an inkjet printer with stem cells... ... This is the inside deal.. The fucking low low..... The reason we are such a great country is because we allow people to fail! Meaning people take risks in business and they don't get their heads chopped off for making mistakes... But contrarialy we are becoming a socialist country that props up its big institutions and sterilizes its ground up entreprenial spirit.. The whole deal is that tthrough bad decisions at the top of the business word a smart entreprenuer can come out and take over... otherwise innovation is stiffled.. .... I believe the whole "to big to fail" was a stratgy by the big to make tons of profits and leverage a bail out... Thats just me... I say we break up the bank mafia and localie the volatility in that industry.. Its from a real traders risk managements perspective is much safer and more efficent!
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  10. Coupla things.
    First, China would not be financing America's debt if there was no debt. If the USA wants Socialism, then the currrent generation of citizens ought to pay for it now. It is immoral to foist that debt onto folks who are not yet born. I find the current system of transfer payments immoral, in that it takes money from middle and upper income folks and distributes it, not based on need but simply because of age. In other words, taxing some of the less wealthy to pay some folks who are already very wealthy. Gotta means test Social Security and Medicare.

    As for the thrft of intellectual property. That is a problem that can be addressed if the USA is not beholdened to China to finance the current debt. One way may be to establish tariffs against countries that consistently engage in such theft. Gotta be careful, because there are pandering politicians that would soon "discover" that all other countries are engaging in unfair trade practises.

    The USA can compete and do very well in the world economy if it can shed itself of Utopian Socialist theory, useless regulations, and get back to free market ideas.
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