We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night!

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  1. Would your logic have applied to the most recent medical dilemma of Ted Kennedy ?
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  2. Since the govt (us) are paying for the care in the same manner the gov't (us) are paying for welfare recipients to live and have more children then we should absolutely require all welfare recipients to be on some kind of birth control.

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  3. Yes, because there's nothing in my comments to indicate anything specific about exceptions, nor Ted Kennedy.

    Do you spend half your time constructing asinine questions?

    Do you get wood when you see the footage of George W. Bush landing on an aircraft carrier, and do you rub one out on the spot?
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  4. Birth control?

    What would Jesus say about that?

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  5. Putting aside your combative reply, the problem with the federal government making these decisions is that they will never deny the most expensive medical care for a Ted Kennedy, and will rarely deny medical care for any other bureaucratic brother at the US Fish and Tadpole Protection Agency, or any other government function, while giving the average Joe and Jane a very stern review, and measuring the "benefits" to the last ounce.

    Government is an entity and a race unto themselves.

    Your statement that I referenced made sense, if and only if, it is divorced from government control.
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  6. Why do the schools that train doctors whose rate of inflation dwarfs that of the real world always get a pass?

    Why doesn't anyone point out the grossly inflated cost of education for the cost of healthcare?

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  7. But how about when 'the government' (which is actually a group of lawyer/liar politicians & bureaucrats with their own personal power agendas & who think the rules apply to the peons, but not themselves) - - - set up 'laws' so that you have no choice but to come to them for so-called health care ? How about when you are taxed so heavily that you don't have the resources to try to keep yourself or a loved one alive, if you should choose to do so ? - - - It is amazing how readily the sheep are willing to turn over life or death personal decisions to these people (encompassed in that vague term "the government"). These very lawyer/liar/politicians who have brought increasing medical costs through government regulation, mandated paperwork, 'programs' such as Medicare & Medicaid and predatory lawsuits are now looked upon as 'saviors'.
    Not to pick on the poster above, - - - but please just look again at the quote above - - - You would turn over such personal life or death decisions to politicians & bureaucrats ('they' above) while believing that "(us as taxpayers) should have a say" - - - In a real day-to-day sense - - how would you ("as taxpayers") have any say at all, when it is 'they' who will be given the ultimate authority to do so ?
    Read 1984 by George Orwell. The use of language as propaganda is illustrated very well.
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  8. Liberals think like drunken men in a bar. Standing at full attention with beer goggles on, life is beautiful.
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  9. people dont use personal resourses to keep elderly loved ones alive. they use government sponsored resourses like medicare. that being the case the taxpayer has a right to decide at what point the treatment would not be justifiable. we already have some treatments that cost over a million a year. at what point in an elderly failing patient do we stop million dollar treatments? advances in expensive technology will force us to make these decisions.
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