We will laugh in 25 years...

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  1. Guys,

    i am sure that in a "few decades", we will look with a smile
    on where the NDX and Telecoms and Chipmakers and Biotechs
    stand today. I was never over-bullish, but i am sure
    performance of some stocks will rock - maybe it will take some
    years, but it will.

    Society and social developments depends on evolution
    and follows its principles. And Evolution always finds its way.

    I mean, development of mankind really jumped as we walk
    into information age. It was probably one of the biggest
    steps humankind ever achieved.

    Thus, turbulences like the last 2 years one are normal. Erratics are getting extremer and extremer - you cannot compare this one
    to the 1920's-30's as markets have gone really fast - and
    they will get even faster.

    If daytraders are not t-regulated away, they will rock as well - the good ones.
    Man, we are the top of the capitalism integrated into
    a society rising more and more into a pure information age.

    I just think so... Not that I hope too much, i even don't believe
    I will trade in 25 years... Only my thoughts...
  2. The issue that the long-term investor investor needs to resolve is which current technologies will be obsolete by then, and which infant technologies will blossom... it aint as easy as it sounds...
  3. I cant even imagine all the changes I will see in the next 25 years, holographic entertainment , fee based space excursions, the mind reels with all the posibilities.
  4. Performance of some stocks will always rock. And in 25 years time you still won't be able to accurately pick those that will.

    Stocks are like people. Some with heaps of potential go nowhere. And some with only a little potential end up going all the way.

    Regardless of ability, luck will always play a huge part in the success of a business. If someone had of negotiated a one off payment for MS-DOS with Bill Gates, he'd be a nobody today.

    Someone elses mistake lead to the creation of the worlds largest enterprise.

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    One thing is for sure...
    Microsoft will be history in 25, no lets say ten years.
  6. So, can we all look forward to being cockroaches some day?
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    One of famous Prophet book which predicted Soviet union collapse, Stock crash 2000,etc. says someday NewYork & other states will be sinked by massive flood. That desaster is so powerful enough to block world wide financial system & will be the starting point of US declaring bankruptcy. Who knows exactly what will happen? Let's see if we can laugh in the future.....
  8. we'll cry first.