We will hit 1500 before we hit 1000

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Will we go to 1500 before 1000?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I don't care

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  1. We have not hit 1000 since august 2009. thats over 7 months ago. This bull market will continue until 1500.

    If the market wanted to go down, it would have done so already. It had 13 months the time!

    What bad news will make the market go down? Swine Flu? Dubai? North Korea attacking south korean ship? It doesn't matter. We're at year highs, and no bad news can stop the rally.
  2. I agree. If the Sun exploded during Mkt Hrs, and we had a few minutes to live, I think the S&P would rally 5000 pts.
  3. S&P 1300 by june:D
  4. This is the only bullish thread out of 10 bearish threads...and the number of posts are just boring...are there no bulls out there?
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    The bulls are out there, no need to worry. Listening to bloomberg and cnbc shows that 99.9% are still bullish and expect a perfect economy moving forward. Also think stock prices are still cheap and ready to move up even more.
  6. I am not looking for investing bulls that can continue to put cash in the market over the next few years. I am looking for trading bulls.
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    Nasdaq just turned green, now dow and spx to follow.
  8. You have a big Fib retracement number of .615 at about 1248 in the S&P to deal with.
  9. Whenever the government is involved with the economy I always include sideways. I did not see that option? We may go to 1300 back to 1000 and then bounce around between these two numbers for years.
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    Didn't we already do this poll back in '07?
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