We will break out to the top tomorrow!

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  1. With Cisco beating estimates, nothing can stop the market from shooting up.

    I am in the money. And I expect more explosive upward movement tomorrow and to the next months ahead.

    Moreover, my intuition tells me Bernanke will lower interest rates. He has done it in the past, there is no point in not doing it in the days ahead.

    The government will create more jobs to offset unemployment figures. And this will move the market at least 20% up from this level.

    If you are not LONG, you are WRONG!

    This is it. The time to jump-in is now!
  2. you do know the fed already made it's decision, right?
  3. ^Yes I do.

    In the next one, my gut feel is he will lower it as Mobius wants it at 1%.

    Or maybe if he does not want to lower it, then the next president can command him to do it.
  4. Hilarious...one ET user makes a post calling for a SELL OFF, and another (relatively new user) makes a call to go Long. I say the market will either go up, down or sideways tomorrow...good trading! LOL :D
  5. Have no fear stock - this rally has a great chance it'll have legs.gA
  6. Ha ha, you beat me to the punch. Just from the thread title I knew it was stock_trad3r reincarnate--he just couldn't honor his promise to the ET community...
  7. Fade this thing on the gap up tomorrow. This is a bear market rally. Watch your ass or your money.
  8. nothing?

    You haven't been trading very long have you?

    What if oil jacks up 5 bucks tomorrow?

    Nope, I don't think it will, but it could easily.
  9. If stock_trd3r was a boy of his word, he would have honored his pledge.

    But he's back.

  10. truth....i am already short some extended moves i saw.
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