We will be like the markets from 1969-1982

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  1. Where 1 dollar in the markets 69 is one dollar in 82.

    So if you have an investment portfolio.

    PUT/CALL writing on the SPY is the only way you will make a return.

    Teach your kids/young working adult how to open up an brokerage account and write options for the next 10 years. If they want a return for retirement in the future.
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    pretty pessimistic isn't it? :)
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    Total nonsense, there are very good buys and sells in all markets regardless of whether markets in a bull, bear and/or sideways markets. So many came out of the depression very rich along with war years.

    You need to read about History and all the different opportunities of various profits that can be made. Good traders can trade and make money on anything.
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  8. I am not talking about trading.

    If someone is in their twenties today and have 20-30K they want to invest now and continue to fund an investment account for retirement. Right now the safest way to go is PUT/CALL writing on the SPY for the next 10 years.
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    That's the most dangerous thing to do. You are selling tail risk when volatility is low.
  10. We were at S&P 1400 in 1999. We are at S&P 1400 today. So haven't we already seen this 13 year flat period?
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