We used to have bank robbers. Now banks are the robbers.

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    Exactly. And why do you think that the U.S. Banking criminal syndicate is terrified that Walmart will one day enter into banking?
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    All loans would be originated in China?
  3. syrre


    Walmart Derivatives, segregated acct, with partnership deals for the single mom in line late at night with bunch of kids?
  4. 1) If WMT put its "mind" to it, they could become one of the largest institutional investors on the planet. :eek:
    2) peopleofwalmart.com :D
  5. I wish they would come and seize my home, those homeowners probably just won the lottery...
  6. It is just the level of sophistication that makes the difference. Take or be taken. The law of nature always rules!

  7. At first the banks were targeting the elderly, the very sick, the recently widowed or divorced for with their scams, then they got bold and went after anyone they think could be an easy target.

    Banana republic USA.
  8. They've all got their panties in a twist because of the Wikileaks-BAC docs coming in a few weeks. Hundreds of thousands of pages.

    Lawyers - on your mark, get set, go
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