We used to call them bribes...but now they call it lobbying

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crispy, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Ah, term limits.
    Such sweet music.
    Now if we could only get the death penalty for bribery...er...exsqueeze me; I mean "lobbying".
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  3. It was Jimmmy Hoffa who really got the ball rolling with PAC's. He got the great idea of using (taking) union dues and organizing this into pools of money to shell out to Politicians.It's a mess.
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  4. I'll take the president who got rich lobbying and congress that is anti regulation.

    The "other choice" is bought and paid for by union bosses, radical environmentalists, various Occupy nutcases, etc. His policies, if allowed to go forward, will give us a third world electric power grid with utility rates several times what you pay now. Taxes will rise inexorably to pay for lavish compensation and pensions for an ever growing army of government workers and welfare parasites. He will cede much of our sovereignty to the UN or various euro-dominated groups like the WTO and International Criminal Court. Unions will have veto power over business decisions. Health care will resemble a visit to the DMV, with endless lines, callous bureaucrats and shoddy service.

    Your choice is a guy who championed public financing of elections his entire political career until he saw he could raise a lot more money from union goons, Wall Street and various interest groups, so he dropped his promises like a bad habit and sold out to the highest bidders.
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  5. all that was done to get something by the republican blockade. if obama were presented with a bill tomorrow to form a public option that would hurt the healthcare industry and kill lobbying for it he would sign it. a republican wouldnt. that is the difference.
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  6. now thats interesting since we are almost through obamas first term and none of those things have happened and business itself is enjoying its best times ever in terms of profits.
    do you reside in some kind of alter reality? the only thing obama has proposed is letting taxes for the rich rise to the point they were under the boom times of the clinton administration and in exchange he will sign off on 3 times as much in spending cuts in social programs.
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    So the chosen one chose corporate fascism, over true socialized medicine just to get "something done"? Has he ever heard of values and morals?

    Open your eyes a bit wider.
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    Max E.

    I probably dont have to point this out, since you seem to know everything, but Obama has taken more money from wall street then all of the republican candidates combined.
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    Max E.

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