We tried out JPMorgan's new free stock-trading platform

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  1. JSOP


    "There is no ability to trade on margin - aka buying stocks on a loan from the bank and not secured by your own cash - and it doesn't support any complex strategies, like call and put options. "

    You can't trade on margin, you can't even trade options (didn't know call and put options are now considered complex strategies LOL) so how is that called a "trading" platform? It's just an online application. LOL

    All well, beggars cannot be choosers.
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  2. S2007S


    It's still not free free free like Robinhood, really have to read the fine print!!
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  3. sss12


    Boy, even though it has been explained to you by numerous contributors.....you still don't get it. Nothing is free. Although ignorance is bliss.
  4. S2007S


    All I know is if I want to pay $75.95 for XYZ company at limit I get my fill.

    So far this year saved over $1200 worth of commissions!!!
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  5. sss12


    Numerous posters have tried to explain to you many times what you percieve as savings is costing you more in execution. RH or any other is selling your flow and you are paying for it in bad exec. But as I mentioned..ignorance is.........good luck anyway.

    You have nearly 20k posts and less than 500 likes. Other members have tried to point out your flawed conclusion. Why don't you "listen more and talk less."
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  6. %% Article says 100 trades ''free''
    If correct, not much free LOL??:D:D
  7. I think we are seeing a definite thread here. As the 10 year approaches the 4 handle - which may still take a lot of time - more and more platforms are going toward zero fee stock trading and equity options will follow.
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  8. S2007S


    Exactly....it's not truly free! There is very fine print ....
  9. S2007S


    Let's see, I put a limit order in to sell xyz at 10.50, ohhh and what do you know it sold at $10.50....then I put a limit buy order in to buy Abc at $50 even and guess what ??? It filled at $50!!!! I got the price I wanted to pay, how can there possibly be a bad execution if I got what I wanted...it's not like I put a limit order In at $100 and it's filling at $102.56....

    I don't care that they are seling their order flow, I put a limit order to buy X Amount of shares at X price and get the price I want everytime...I have literally saved $1400+ this year in commissions and have rarely traded using any of the other accounts I have because of the cost

    So let me get this straight, once all trading is FREE that will be mean every single person trading will be getting bad execution prices???

    And speaking of posts vs likes, let's see, unlike many others here I have kept my same screen name since day 1 and when I originally signed up here there was no such thing as a like feature...you can ask Mr .Baron the founder himself...
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