"We the President"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by omegapoint, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Hope she doesn't think she's going to have alot of input. Spoke a disproportionate amount in the 60 Minutes interview. Hope none of her girlfriends think they're going to get cabinet positions.:D
  2. I like him, I can't stand her. Too bad he married that ugly bitch, she seems cranky and not very likable, a Black Hillary.
  3. She's tolerable as long as she knows her place and it isn't meddling in the affairs of state -- just a distraction from the more seasoned advice he'll tap. To the extent that Hillary is supportive of middle class aspirations her influence and experience is welcome. I was a believer in the theory that we got two for one when Clinton was elected. Her usefulness as Bill's sounding board, I had faith was useful and can be for Obama -- kept in perspective. The left can't afford to splits hairs where their power base is concerned. If I'm going to isolate anyone as the left moves into the future with its policies it'll be Leiberman -- more of a shill than anything else.
  4. A couple moderate liberal women i know while speaking about politics once said that Michelle Obama was scary. I guess scary in their opinion could either be interpreted as a black woman, strong woman or just overall extremely liberal woman. Who knows?
  5. Hillary useful ? are you kidding, she sank health care reform with her shrill demeanor.
  6. If you're alluding to walking on the other side of the street because they see her coming, I don't abscribe to that sort of thinking but where domestic and world affairs are concerned Obama will be getting advice from much better informed sources. In spite of being elected the jury is still very much out on Obama. His very domestic life will have to take more of a back seat than he's been accustomed to up to now. How much she'll be willing to share her husband we'll see ...does she have a choice? The proportions he's going to be sliced up as dad, husband and President into might leave two of those options feeling unfufilled.