We Should have sold China ENRON when we had the chance :D

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. LOL we should have sold China Enron when we had the chance, old kenny should have shopped around enron harder, and he was only 4 years too late but imagine the chinese all playing hardball for enron,and you have all of the us politicians crying protectionism for enron, only after selling it to the chinese, they start crying you sold us a huge lemon. It would have been hilarious :D No give back suckers :p
  2. Brandonf

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    Would have started WW3 :p
  3. they wouldnt have fallen for the Enron trick since they would have examined their financial statements and noticed the few billion missing here and the few billion missing there.

    the biggest losers and suckers were the enron employees who made the mistake of investing most if not 100% of their 401K into the one company that their worked for.
  4. They say UNOCAL is also using some fancy accounting. I say let them have it.
  5. gnome


    Chinese are just greasing the skids.... trying to get us used to the idea of their ownership of formerly US assets.

    One day, they will spring for the *real* prize... farm land in Iowa. AND, they're going to pay us with the funny money we've been printing in exchange for their real goods.... ironing in there somewhere.
  6. I got an idea.... Maybe the U.S. Government should own everything and not allow foreign governments or people to purchase anything. That's really whats needed to make us strong!