We seek death like you seek life

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  1. Hamas MP Fathi Hammad:

    The palestinian people has developed its methods of death and death-seeking

    For the Palestinian people death has become an industry

    at which women excel and so do all the people living on this land.

    The elderly excel at this and so do the mujahideen and the children

    This is why we have formed human shields of the women, the children

    We desire death like you desire life


  2. give it up doodoo.... people hate tyranny and would prefer death over slavery! you are on the wrong side of history you dumbass.

    "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"



  3. LOL, come on ratboy88, something tells me that Nathan Hale did not have Palestinian suicide bombers/human shields in mind. Besides they don't want liberty, they don't blow themselves up in totalitarian arab countries like Libya, the Palestinians don't blow themselves up in countries like Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE where they are treated as slaves with no rights, they did not blow themselves up when for 20 years they were occupied by Jordan and Egypt.

    Nah, they don't want liberty, they want Israel off the map. But you already know that, don't you?
  4. nathan hale's grandparents werent forced out of their land. NH didnt watch his father shot down by occupiers or his brother tortured at the age of 13. or his sister raped in front of him or his uncle's house bulldozed. he didn't live in occupation for 50 yrs.
  5. nathan hale's grandparents werent forced out of their land.
    Did his grandparents try to wipe a neighboring country off the map in violation of a UN resolution? Did they leave on their own expecting to be back within two weeks with victorious foreign armies?

    or his sister raped in front of him
    Daughter raped by brothers, murdered by mother
    Thousands of women have been killed in the name of honor'

    PS Anyway what a pathetic attempt to justify suicide bombings and human shields of women and children. Shame on you ratboy88
  6. you can argue with Wael over all of this... my point is people are not animals and do not want to be caged their whole life and slave away.

    nathan hale refused to live in bondage.... i know i wouldn't for a second be able to.
  7. Well, the Palestinians/Arabs actually don't have a problem with that in Lebanon, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, in Gaza under Egyptian occupation, In the West Bank under Jordanian occupation. In my first reply to you I posted facts proving beyond doubt that their love of death has nothing to do with freedom. You obviously failed to refute them.

    Moreover there is one more distinction, Nathan Hale, Partick Henry and the state of NH are not seeking death, they are seeking liberty, as is absolutely clear from the remarks of this Hamas MP they are actually seeking death.

    PS LOL, ratboy is defending suicide bombings and human shields. Oh the true colors!!!

  8. and i was pointing out why they have resorted to this culture. and related to my culture's history. duh... imbecile.
  9. Of course, what was I thinking. And that explains suicide attacks in India, Bali, London, Moscow...and complete absence of suicide attacks/human shields whenever they are oppressed by arab dictators or neighboring arab states. That's because they want to live free or die. Thanks ratboy88, I get it now.
  10. you were thinking hamas.. that was what your first post was in reference to.. and what i originally was responding to.
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