"We Scots"

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  1. A fellow writing in The Guardian refers to "We Scots" and manages to say: "So fearful were they of the Scots that they had a chap called Hadrian build a wall to keep us out." (Emphasis added.)

    His name: Hardeep Singh Kohli

    His picture:


    Will anyone call the emperor naked?

    Can a "Hardeep Sing Hohli" really pass for a Scot? Or claim that Romans were trying to keep his kind out? (I thought the scots came after the Romans left, but anyway...) Is this consistent even with the rules of multiculturalism?

    It would be one thing if Scotland had been making a concerted national effort to extend national identity to all comers, a la France's former (and much criticized) "Our ancestors, the Gauls". In that case he could lose the turban, change his name, maybe have a shave and then perhaps in a few generations his claims to Scottishness could be seriously entertained. But the Scots don't; they're as cheerfully (or not) multiculti as the rest of Britain.

    As it is, then, this article can almost be taken as a wag's attempt to poke fun at the suspension of our critical faculties that multicultiness demands.
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    Hardeep was born in Glasgow... he talks and thinks like a scot, therfore he is a scot... his family's Indian...
    he made a cool documentary for channel 4 on gambling recently...
    having trouble opening the link though
  3. People can say that, but I'm skeptical of how much they actually believe it. British, certainly. (Well, sorry, I can't get past the turban...but a more conforming appearance would earn him Britishness in my book.) But most, despite what they say, still understand Scots to be an ethnicity, and therefore racial features so far removed from anything that has thusfar resembled a Scot just don't compute (especially not with a name like "Hardeep").

    Even then, the silliness is compounded with his claim that the Romans tried to keep "us" out. He could have simply written that the Romans had tried wanted to keep "the Scots" out. I suppose he felt safe knowing that, in the climate of politically correct opression, few would be brave enough to publically challenge him, despite the obvious silliness.

    Sorry about the link. Not sure what happened and I've closed the page. Recent article though.
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    I suppose Scots is an ethnic group, but it's also a nationality... So I guess he's an Indian Scots... Like African American or Irish American... Its a discussion on semantics... I don't know what you're referring to in the article so I can't comment....