We reached S&P 1119 on 12/4. Was that the high for the year?

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We reached S&P 1119 on 12/4. Was that the high for the rest of the year?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. We reached S&P 1119 on 12/4. Was that the high for the rest of the year?
  2. does not matter, there is no volume to trade, it can go to a billion, and there is no difference
  3. While I'd love to say yes, I see no reason why Banana Ben will let the dollar up for air. So unless some catastrophe happens (like Greece going under) then I'm sure we'll print our way to new highs.
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    Agree with last post... but if I say it's the top... it'll be another crazy rally again leading bulls to another end-of-the-year rally possibly.
  5. as market is manipulated at least they must have some target

    is there any chance to find out?
    my target is 1600-1700 S&P within 2 years

    Today head of Mexican central bank said he doesn't see a bubble in mexican stocks despite they almost reached all time highs

    So I think Ben wants all time highs too. And he won't see a bubble even S&P reaches 2000

    Maybe at 3000 he raises to 1% as recovery will be still fragile and deflation risks will be substantial
  6. LOL. Yes, its the company line at the Fed. Inflation is always under control and deflation is always a threat.....

    The only gameplan they have at the Fed and the government is to print their way out of the mess.
  7. whats the pt of all this talk, we cannot get any stock to profit from it. It is useless
  8. We need some new highs over the next 2 weeks to keep the Christmas cheer in the air.
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    Of course it's going higher, the bulls want the Santa clause rally because a rally of 70%+ isn't enough for them since march. S&p probably closes at 1135-1150, 1200 by Jan and fresh new highs above 1600 by June 2010.

    Bubble Ben bernanke is working his bubbulicious ways to keep the economy on from falling apart. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles is all they know how to create.
  10. Did every single person who was down sell on the decline from Nov to March? There has been hardly any selling on rallies, I guess everyone is waiting for the Dow to go straight up.
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