we owe cramer an apology

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    what do you think of his antics on that one CNBC segment now? with so much liquidity bieng injected by the europeans, japanese, american, and canadians into the market maybe cramer's concerns were on the mark?
  2. The ridicule was about the messenger, not the message.
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    He also calmed the f_ck down after NBC executives told him to increase his lithium dosage if he wants to stay on the air. He is still a major putz.

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  4. Cramer has been encouraging people to drive faster and longer with the oil light on for years. Then when the engine blows he starts to cry for emergency roadside service.
  5. show has been renamed:

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    I'm just glad that these countries were man enough to admit (after all gathering around and watching Cramer on CNBC) that they absolutely needed to do what he, and only he, said. They were like, "Man, we have no idea how bad it is out there. We have no idea. We have no idea what it's like out there. We have no idea." Thank god they listened to Cramer and only Cramer (as he concluded on his show last night), otherwise the world would be over.
  8. well put. my main concern is that, as traders we taught, (learn on our own) that we are to never get emotional over stocks, as emotion clouds our judgement and logic. however, kramer is just emotional about everything, he behaves more like a stockbroker, or salesman than anything else where enthusiasm sells, and always be intense. however im not sure i see how that may benefit him as a trader or investor...
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    I'm not much of an economist but tell me if I understand this correctly. Those who are screaming for the Fed's help want the Fed to bail out those who made a decision to take on huge risks but don't want to pay the price now for being wrong? Doesn't that send the message that you should always get in over your head because Big Brother will always be there as a lifeguard?

    This morning a guy (forgot his name) on Bloomberg put it perfectly. He said the fed should NOT step in yet, but should let some get "removed" (shaken out) first.
  10. LOL...

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