We need to start building again.

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  1. This is pretty inspiring.

  2. This is the only "Building" going on in this Fucked up Country right now.


    A new one coming to your town soon.

    We need to stop wasting money period. Such a tall ass building would be funded by TAX MONEY and not private money in this Amerika.

    Much like TRUMP TOWERS IN CHICAGO, getting a bail out by FEDS, so would this ugly ass building, as it would lay empty and void of occupancy.

    Wake up America, we need to get the house in order.

    Up next in Amerika...POST OFFICE TO GO BROKE in 4 months.

    My idea, sell the fucking thing to DHL.


    The only thing we need to build in Texas are Walls along the boarder and Super High Fences with guards along the state lines so we can keep all you scum sucking parasites from the East and West coast flowing into our state when the country goes to hell. Keep your fucking PARASITES and their IDEAS out WEST and Out EAST...
  3. better our tax dollars going towards people who are working and building things than tax dollars going towards people sitting home watching oprah, right?
  4. Not all that much.

    Better for government to pay private sector contractors to provide services wherever possible.

    Just think how much better the post office or the DMV would be run if private sector companies competed to provide the service. AND.. taxpayers would not be on the hook for ridiculous retirement packages.
  5. I have been pushing for capital investment for a while now. Even if the products are not for the domestic economy it will increase exports.
  6. I thought the whole problem was that there was too much building/construction going on in the first place? Both in the US and in Dubai...

    Is the solution then to build more?
  7. olias


    Don't forget China
  8. Yeah, it had done wonders for the Japanese. You really should have a limiter installed on your prefrontal cortex.
  9. I said build them, I didnt say overprice them. Those buildings are empty because they are overpriced, not because nobody wants to live there.
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