we need to remove many of those morons from office

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. on a leash if needed

    you are being represented by imbecilic scum

    even if they do something, the posturing has been an embarrassment to decent Americans.

    the few of us left
  2. Republicans in front of journalists at a press conference - when getting asked what McCain has contributed in the deliberations over the bailout...

    "I am not going to discuss this in front of you. Last time I checked, you don't get to vote."

    Nice democratic ideals ... LMFAO :D
  3. Democracy is not when you talk to the press or take a poll, it's when you vote.... The commie press is just a bunch of shit heads screwing things up for Republicans any way they can. They don't report very much at all unless they can twist the knife in a Republican. We all know it and ignore them...
  4. If you ignore opinions of people who don't agree with you, only interact with your friends and people of similar mind - then you actually ARE living in a cocoon and will eventually stray away from the rest of society.

    Not exactly a recipe for successful living - even though you think you are "picking the winning team" to hang around with.
    This is exactly how extremism, fundamentalism, radicalism and fanaticism is created - cult followers and others.
    You stray off from the evolutionary path of the rest of society and think you are "special" - the rightful leaders etc.

    Freedom of thought, personal freedom, individuality etc - they all suffer in the face of such censorship and authoritarian theory.