We need more money for education so we can build $500 million dollar schools!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. I thought we needed more money for schools so that teachers can have a lavish retirement package, paid for and guaranteed by taxpayers?

    Sort of ironic.... many/most taxpayers don't have much of a retirement nest egg for themselves.
  2. Eight


    every tax increase is about "education, fire department, police and libraries" and it's nearly all wasted, very nearly all of the public money is entirely wasted really...
  3. da-net


    When I moved to GA in '85 one of the things I looked for was a school system that had plenty of funds. I found that in the Dekalb county school system at that time. The school system 'bragged that the yearly budget was completely paid for by the interest it was earning on the money it had in bank deposits. And they were still getting school funds from each home owner every year

    Over the years, the principal amount has been spent and as of a few years ago the school system needed increased funding for its yearly budget. The quality of education in Dekalb is horrible as most high school graduates can't do simple math, write properly or read simple texts and these things now have to be addressed in college.

    However, the school system can find money for bumper stickers that proclaim "Johnny" was not tardy or absent from school or "Suzy" made principals list, which I suppose gives the parents an ego boost...the schools now have police officers permanently stationed in the schools as "school police".

    None of this does a damn thing to educate the children, but it sure wastes alot of money.
  4. telozo


    Like always, follow the money. Check who the contractors are and you will understand why more and expensive are good, especially when it's public money.