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  1. Quick, stat!! another 50 quick before the margin calls kill those longs!!!
  2. Just make the Fed Funds rate 0.00%, forgive all current debts from everyone, and let's all move on.
  3. QID AND SDS For the win!!!1


    UP We go.

    How to make money.

    1. Wait for rate cut
    2. buy as much as possible QID and SDS on the suckers

    3. Cash in when the bubble bursts.

    4. Repeat again on next rate cut.
  4. Come on bulls do something Short squeeze the bear out of their ass
    U have done it before and can be done
  5. [​IMG]
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    What the hell is a rate cut going to help? We are lower now then we were when the jackasses started lowering them in the first place. Again, Heroin (Cheap money) addiction is not cured by increasing the amount consumed, its only made worse.
  7. Brandonf

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    Because interest rates at zero for nearly a decade worked soooo very well for Japan?
  8. That would help those strapped with debts, but what about those who loaned the money? They were expecting to be paid back. (Silly them.)
  9. BPT in the market....:D
  10. I gather you're a net borrower?
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