We need an iPhone and Android app!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chris Paciello, Jun 1, 2011.

Would you like an ET iPhone and Android app?

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  2. No.

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  1. Any chance of ET having an iPhone and Android app? Tapatalk has a lot of site forums and works very nicely!

    I'll post a poll .... maybe if demand is there, we can make this happen!
  2. How 'bout we start w/ updated forum software first? You know, stuff that makes it easy to bold underline w/o having to type the damn code. Or creating a hyperlink that doesn't require typing the code out...

    And in 5 or 10 years, maybe introduce avatars.

  3. ET is like a blond chick.


    This blonde boarded an airplane with a ticket for coach but she went and sat in the first class section. The stewardess came over and told her she would have to move to coach. She said "Look, I'm a beautiful blonde, I'm going to New York and I am not going to move.

    The stewardess got the co-pilot and told him the situation. He goes to the blonde and tells her she has to move to coach. She said, "Look I'm a beautiful blonde, I'm going to New York and I am not going to move.

    The co-pilot went and got the pilot and told him about the trouble they were having. The pilot goes to her and leaned down and whispered in her ear. She immediately jumped up and ran into the coach section.

    The co-pilot said to the pilot,"What in the world did you whisper to her? The pilot said,"I just told her that first class doesn't go to New York."
  4. JamesL


  5. Yeah, this website's owners are in no way interested in keeping the site updated. For example, the version of vbulletin which it runs on is over 10 years old. There have been SO many vbull updates which added SO many features which would make this site more modern but they aren't interested in paying just a couple hundred dollars to update it. Now you think they want to add a mobile ap? LOL! Probably not. In any case, it's a big part of the reason why the most popping section of the site is P/R; most of the actual trading content has gone to other sites. I do most of my trading oriented posting on those. Is that good or bad for ET? It seems to work for everyone because they haven't lifted a finger to change anything. So, they must be perfectly fine with things how they are...
  6. byteme


    ...and SO many new bugs and vulnerabilities....

    ...and slow and cluttered....

    Sorry, but you are speaking well outside of your knowledge domain.

    So you come to Elite Trader just to post political topics?

    The owner of the site probably brings in $250K+ revenue per annum through advertising just the way it is.
  7. 250k?

    Im going to ask for my % soon.
  8. I actually almost stopped using ET forum because it doesn't support Tapatalk.

    BMT, Traders Laboratory, Trade2Win support Tapatalk application for forums, so I just go there.

    It is such a great application and so easy to navigate forums using it. It would be great if ET forum started supporting it.
  9. There does need to be some modernization, but as Baron lives in a place with year-round golfing, I'm not real hopeful on it happening any time soon. (just a bit jealous, not meant as a dig. Honest!)
    However, an app for mobile stuff is pretty much required. PCs are going the way of dinosaurs in the consumer market. Even for trading, if you can get to your PC from your phone/tablet, you're fine. And mobile. And at that point having a way to get to this place that doesn't involve the awkwardness of dealing with a page not designed for mobile devices becomes kind of a requirement.
    Unless of course you're willing to put up with a gradual erosion of market share to the competition that does make it easy to access via a mobile device. Just sayin...
  10. Can't we get this site on Tapatalk?
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