We need a weak stockmarket

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  1. If the goverment would have left the market alone it would have kept falling. This would curb demand for energy.

    If the stock market keeps going higher so will energy and food costs. This is hurting so many families.

  2. And why would a falling U.S. stock market curb our appetite for oil?

    Only 10% of American households have U.S. equity exposure in the stock market.
  3. bingo spot on. now with the market skying wealth flows and oil and food will continue rocketing as people have the money to pay for it. shame on our gov't. recessions are needed to clean the system out and take the heat off resources but our gov't won't allow that to happen so now we all will pay with huge inflation
  4. Just go long oil, gold, wheat and corn futures to "hedge" yourself from the rampant inflation. You will make a fortune.
  5. You make one of the more idiotic assumptions of all time, claiming that a stock market "rally" adds wealth to the "average" American household.

    Do you even know ( how little ) the percentage of American households that have investments in the U.S. stock market? Do you have any idea what the actual percentage is?

    Your logic and the connection that you claim is null and void because the percentage of American households that have equity holdings in the U.S. stock market is so pathetically small that there is absolutely NO WAY that there is a "wealth" effect that would contribute to higher energy prices.

    Furthermore, you act as if the United States is the only country in the world that uses crude oil. Ever think outside of a vacuum for a change?

    Thanks for making such an illogical economic argument.

    Hello, Econ 101A?
    Logic 1B?
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    Without the fed pumping the markets the DOW would easily be sitting under 11k....
  7. Do you trade REALITY or FANTASY?
    Must be fantasy.
  8. If you were just trading the market instead of being obsessed with the Fed and CNBC you wouldn't care at all.
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    Pretty much every American with a 401K plan.

  10. You do know that polls have been taken that suggest that even those who dont have money in the market feel better and apt to spend more when the market is going up? Collective euphoria.
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