We need a total collapse of EU crony capitalism

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  1. This crony capitalism based on protectionism, subsidies for big multinational companies, lack of clear-cut separation between regulators and businesses, central and private banks, unbearable taxes must collapse for the good of every honest citizen.

    The demise of this daft political scam called Europe will, in the long term, benefit real business allowing small and innovative entrepneurs to have a free competition and sustain their growth. Trade with developing countries will increase as the natural historical course independently from stupid world trade organisations, corrupt interference bodies and other mafia institutions largely nested in Brussels.

    Large corporations will need to restructure their business to become more competitive and profitable. More qualified workforce will be required. People will need to work more and more efficiently, rather than be paid a subsidy for an unprofitable/unnecessary function or scope.

    Governments and regulations need to be drastically reduced (see the Swiss system). Countries need to restructure their finances and float their individual currencies. Their economic policies need to be defined according to their main national interests (Services, Tourism, Agriculture, Manifacturing) and to the output and performance of their economies.

    We need more financial, fiscal, legislative, social and economic freedom. If market collapse for the next 12 months, WHO THE F> CARES? Markets have always had crashes, economies always had crises, why do we have to BAN them by law, by forceful financial intervention? How did the whole system get so out of control, that they all share the same interest of saving the Global Economy by inflating the World and stealing the future on the next 20 generations?

    LET IT CRASH, even more: MAKE IT CRASH!
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    Just because our means of financial freedom collapses does not mean the EU does, I dont know if you notice but Germany pretty much wants to destroy the markets and trading as it is, how great it would be , France and Germany designing a new system after the biggest crash of our times.....

  3. I am mostly refererring to the EUR, which is the only European integration there is at the moment. Each country has different , often opposite goals. If EUR goes below 1.20 Germany will need to rethink it's overall strategy. France is nowhere near having any influence on anything. Just wait for the downgrades...:D
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    what makes u think that Obama is not part of a scheme/cabal to create a new world order?
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    Haha - I used to listen to Alex Jones radio show years ago, the reason I started learning about the markets in fact - I dont really buy the NWO these days.
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    obama doesn't believe in american exceptionalism.
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    All I know is that there's a lot going on in the world including those pushing for world government and there dam evil schemes, all going in the same direction working with a definitive plan to reach this aim?

    I don't think so, as for Obama, Id feel safer knowing he is a front man, god forbid a community organizer in reality gets to take hold of an operation that big, from war heads to economics, no no.
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    Global currency taxes - Indeed, that Human Development Report went further, including an article by economist Jan Tinbergen calling for “world government” through a “strengthening of the U.N. system.” He also urged a “world police” with the ability to “subpoena nations” to appear before U.N courts


    They are out there.
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    are u playing on both sides of the fence?
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