We need a new republican party. (true republican)

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  1. Republicans are supposed to believe in limited government.

    This means

    #1 Abortion should be left legal, The government should not get involved.

    #2 get out of peoples bedrooms. It is not your business.

    #3 religion does not belong in government, So stop.

    #4 Stop spending so much, this means small government. Cutting taxes but still spending makes no sense.

    #5 Abolish Medicare, it is a big burden. And it is socialized medicine.

    #6 Abolish Social Security, it is a big burden. (let folks buy Annuities)

    #7 Pull troops from around the world and stop trying to police other nations. Lets worry about our own folks.

    #8 Cut off all foreign aid period. Lets spend it on our own folks.

    #9 Stop allowing foreigners to go to our colleges on our dime. Americans get priority over any foreigner.

    #10 Build a Berlin wall across mexico. The chinese were able to build the great wall of china I think we can build it.

    #11 Leave the UN and stop making payments.

    #12 Stop protecting Israel, They do nothing for us.
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    And Democrats spend trillions of our taxpayer dollars like a bunch of drunken sailors on meaningless programs that will bankrupt the country (Stimulus) (Healthcare/PublicOption). They want to create new taxes to keep everyone down, so that they will have to rely on Gov't. handouts.
    The Democrats view anyone that has financial independence or wealth as evil, and will do everything they can to take it away from them, or as the dictator-in-chief says, "spread the wealth around."
    The Democrats coddle to terrorists that are hell bent on destroying America. They want to bring the Gitmo detainees here, allow them the same rights that American citizens have in the U.S. Court system. And since Obama wants to welcome these degenerates into country with open arms, who do you think will be footing the bill for these terrorists legal fees? U.S. Taxpayers!!! Hell, when it's all said and done, it will be the terrorist loving Obama Democrats that allow all of them automatic U.S. citizenship, free healthcare, and social security.
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    Ron Paul agrees with you on all but #1. But the guy's simply too old. He'll be 77 in 2012.
  4. All people , even if they look different (fetus, Black) or are completely dependent on its host (Plantation, Womb) shall be afforded DUE PROCESS of the constitution.
    No Human is property. It is cruel to tear a Black slave child from its parents as it it is cruel to tear an unborn child from its' family womb.
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    Kinggy, that's a libertarian platform. Lots in common with old-time republicans however, and much to like. Impractical, and not everything a good idea, but much to like.

    A few things are simply wrong. Social security, for example, is not a "big burden." Unless of course you consider having to pay back money you borrowed a burden.

    You could reasonably be philosophically opposed to the idea of social security, but it is not reasonable to claim it is a burden or that it is ineffective. It is of course, so far, self supporting, and would be trivial to make sound far into the foreseeable future. But it will not be easy for the government (i.e., you and me) to avoid cheating social security by paying it back with cheapened currency. The fault is with us, not with social security.

    #8 is selfish and involves a trivial amount of money.

    #9 is an extremely bad idea, and misguided.
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    What a retarded,mindless statement.What is it about repubs that they can seem logical one moment and then come up with bizarre insane statements like that?Lots of conspiracy theories about moon landings,9 11 garbage,and govt death panels(ironic since hmo's are the death panels that deny life saving treatment). These non sensical statements and proclamations is the norm for the republican party nowadays.Listen to michael steele.The t bags have taken over.
  7. What type of ingrate will call someone retarded.
    Many parents struggle with children born with different levels of retardation. And here you are using this medical condition to slander others.
    The same level of maturity you have for special needs retarded is the same level of maturity you have for a Fetus. None!
  8. TGregg


    Couple of changes:

    States rights, anyway.

    If we do help out a country, send `em a bill. And make money on the deal.

    Colleges not getting public funding get to do WTF they want. Colleges caught with illegals get cut off from public funding.

    Also be sure to charge them rent for Turtle Bay. And terrorists are not allowed in the country to attend UN functions. Plus strong encouragement to move the UN to someplace else (with a note that there are lots of third world places that would appreciate them while providing the sort of sexual proclivities preferred by many members).
  9. #9 Stop allowing foreigners to go to our colleges on our dime. Americans get priority over any foreigner.

    who told you this? foreigners at the undergrad level are not eligible for any financial aid and have to pay the full fee , which at ivies is arnd 40k usd a year
  10. "States rights, anyway."

    Let me guess...you think abortion is murder, right?

    So it would be okay with you if abortion was outlawed in South Dakota as murder, but the same so called murder was legal in North Dakota?

    No, this simply is never going to be a state's rights issue as long as the right defines abortion as murder...

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