We Need A Linux Distro For Trading

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by echoman, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. echoman


    Would it not be great to have a traders Linux?
  2. What are you talkin' about? Why trader specific?
  3. yeah, something like instead of sending interrupt signals to generate random buy/sell signals ... LOL
  4. Please no more Linux distributions. There are more than enough.

    However, I can think of one thing that does need attention and that is support for multihead video cards. In particular somebody should put a rocket up Matrox to open source their drivers and open up their documentation.

    Matrox advertise Linux support for their products, but the drivers lack features and there are various compatibility issues all over the place. There is also no 64bit support and it seems no date for when it might be available.

    I have a couple of G200 quads and absolutely cannot get other than the first head to work. And the G200's are probably the best supported of all the Matrox multihead cards and reportedly do work at least with some distributions and/or versions of X.

    So Matrox, either open it all up or go down the Nvidia route and take X11 drivers seriously.
  5. They are already here: just use one of the existing distributions.... they work fine ....
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    We're not all daytraders running web apps for charting. I tried Linux about a year ago and loved the OS, but there were no decent stand-alone charting apps for Linux. I tried using VMWare running MetaStock but it was a disaster. That was the sole reason I switched back to XP.

    So, no, until there's a good stand-alone charting app that runs under Linux, they ain't neccessarily "already here".

  7. Pretty much have to write your own unless your trading platforms runs on Linux: ours does and we have written our own apps .....
  8. ozzy


    Anyone care to comment on why Linux is better than Windows for trading?

  9. echoman


    The idea would be linux distro for trading ready to use right out of the box. No need to spend 3 weeks configuring everything.
  10. Huh ? Most distributions will install within an hour, autodetect your network, USB mouse, video card etc etc. No more difficult than installing Windows.

    What special configuration do you need other than possibly Xinerama for multiple monitors ?
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