We Need a Good Futures Forum

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  1. Anyone know of a good forum on the net that caters strictly to futures traders and/or aspiring ones?

    ...aside from ET..

  2. I'm sure there are many people that could recommend a quality futures forum to you..

    unfortunately they are already there
  3. Isnt this one here? Also mypivots.com
  4. I've never seen a can of spam with legs before
  5. lar


  6. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=13

    There's some good discussions there...seriously.

    However, if your looking for something in which the entire forum is about talking futures...

    That's easy to find and many out there via using Google.


  7. AKH,

    You really seem steamed all up for being locked out of mypivots.

    I guess your free advertising forum is gone.

    And now you want to get free advertising on ET by creating as
    many alias's at ET as you can using other people's names!

    P.S. You shouldn't of created so many alias's at mypivots.

    That was your mistake.
  8. just21


    What is trading zoo, I coudn't find it on google.
  9. It's a trading call site where you can sign up for 6K. The owner
    states he is making 10% a week for his followers and himself. He
    says he is one of the best traders in the USA. He also says he runs
    a hedge fund at the same time. His setups are named after animals.

    On his testimomial page one customer took a penguin setup and
    got a wazoomba (10 point trade). Yet, you never see this on his
    performance history page!

    One person calls himself a "mini-predator" I guess they hunt the
    animals in the Zoo!

    He also sells computers at his site in case you don't own one yet...:p

    P.S. They have had only ONE day with a small trading loss in the
    last THREE months.

    They must be good!
  10. I recently joined the mypivots.com forum and made one post. Here is the link:


    Shortly thereafter, I received the below email asking me for personal information that no normal person would give out to a total stranger. It doesn't make sense, because "Guy" (who I understand operates the forum and goes by the handle day trading) reviews ALL the posts anyway before they are allowed to be shown in the forum. So it's clear to me he's lying and has another agenda. I've seen this type of thing before and it's called phishing and information harvesting. What mypivots really intends on doing with our personal data is anyone's guess, but it can't be good.

    <<<From: guy@deltat1.com
    To: sonali@hush.com
    Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 23:44:09 -0400

    This message is not encrypted, and is not digitally signed by . Invite guy@deltat1.com to join Hushmail!
    Hello tandori chick

    You received the following message from: day trading (guy@deltat1.com)

    At: http://www.mypivots.com/forum/

    Hi tandori chick, due to the high volume of spam that we have been receiving we are validating some forum members. Please can you provide me with a real name, phone number and convenient time to call so that I can approve the posts that you make.
    Thank you, Guy. >>>

    So, I wrote the reply below and, of course, there was no response. Also, I was locked out of the forum.

    <<<From: sonali@hush.com
    To: guy@deltat1.com
    Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 18:38:29 -0400

    This message is not encrypted, and is not digitally signed by .

    My name is Sonali Agarwal and I live in Gaithersburg, MD. I am not
    a spam robot. Do you think my post is spam? If so, why did the forum moderator approve it?

    My phone number is unlisted and I don't give it out to people who I don't know, especially those in cyberspace. If this precludes me from posting in the forum, so be it. Please let me know what you decide.


    In my opinion, mypivots is a dangerous place to visit. If you must, however, DO NOT DIVULGE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION regardless of the reason for the request.

    The topic of this thread is "We Need a Good Futures Forum" Well, I submit we already have one right here in ET--a first class, honest and reputable operation where we can voice our opinions and not have to worry about getting our identities stolen.
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