We need a downtick rule.

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  1. which will prohibits long buying of securities except on an down tick. To protect the investor from equity bubbles and boom/bust cycles.
  2. Good idea. The letter to SEC would be appropriate. I'll sign it.
  3. Would sign it as well !
  4. Banff01


    Even better: we should shutdown the exchanges completely and build a concrete sarcophagus on top of them to protect the investors. :D
  5. We need to protect the investors from the underlying sucking economy. :D
  6. Also make a law where tv reporters have to have an MBA in finance and a series 7 before they can report on tv.
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  8. I would prefer a Trading Condom... Completely enclose my body head to toe especially with extra protection for the hand that clicks my mouse... :D
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    Trading Condom: The Ultimate Investor Protector! :D
  10. The market's been downticking all day. You guys are upset because for every downtick, there has been three upticks. You poor babies! :D
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