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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dayrunner, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Dayrunner


    We are 15 trader in our office and we are looking to change our plateform , actually we use little crappy plateform and we want to change it.

    We make approxymatly 1000 trade each days so approximatly 30 000 trades / month.

    We look for good plateform with good leverage and good rates. If you are a Prop trading you can tell your deal too.

    We are in Canada

    Thank you
  2. Dayrunner


    Ok sorry For the short message,

    We look to change both of them (software and clearing)

    We trade Nasdaq and NYSE
  3. There are some usual suspects (Southwest Securities, Merrill Pro, Penson, then there are some smaller firms). PM me if you want contact into those firms. Disclaimer, I am an independent professional trader, but I worked on the institutional side for quite sometime.
  4. milstar


    Dear Canadian

    From Questrade can trade USA stock without NASDAQ PDT 2520.

    What are you think about this broker ?

    Any relevant comment would appreciated.

    Your respectfully milstar
  5. GGSAE


    I use quest and quite satisfied. They use the cybertrader platform, which has everything someone needs to trades stocks. Commissions may not be the best, but for an intra-day trader like myself it's perfect.
  6. Dayrunner


    Sorry forgot to tell that we trade only us stock

    Nasdaq and NYSE
  7. This is tooo fishy: typical bait and switch. dayrunner, how long have you been trading?
  8. Dayrunner


    About 6 years but 2 years as a full time daytrader
  9. I sent you a PM, saying to call Rob Friesen in BC.

  10. I have heard of Trade desk America. They have an all in one deal ( capital, clearing etc.)I think they have Nite free of charge.
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