We know you're faking profits, but this too?

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  1. The study is incomplete.. the main reason most men can't shoot it off is a very common phenomena known as "whiskey dick". Alcohol tends to dull ones senses. Of course it doesn't help if the woman is so loose she could take a large watermelon.

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    Quote from deadbroke:

    "explicit reason in next post as to why this is so IMHO"

    here then is the GENERALIZED explanation totally IMHO - and recognizing I'm negating my own race, but it is what it is and hiding it ain't doing nobody no good ..... special note is that I'm one of the few who don't attack them, and will smile first so as to put them at ease and then they can come talk, chat, have a coffee or drink etc., but I don't date 'em anymore.

    white women are too noisy in bed, bring the whole house down, there's nothing subtle about it, totally unethereal, unartistic etc., -
    for southbound dining connosieurs they only rate well in absolute terms, meaning for the let's say, american male who doesn't venture into other fruit. Penultimate worst is the ATTITUDE. But what takes the cake in terms of WORST regardless the male's penal length is that after the 4th stroke its like sticking your _ in an open window.

    Thai women - silky smooth soft skin, delicate tantalizing voices, bedroom sounds are soft, ethereal, melodious and mellifluous - general attitude towards a man is akin to antediluvian times - in the morning when you wake up you'll often find her sitting right by your side taking you in visually and playing with your chest hair and just gazing at you in awe and disbelief that her luck has hit a new level - as she hands you your coffee, orange juice and a bowl of hot Khao Tom.

    Fitting like a glove to the Nth stroke is a quality that the middleleg - any - places as #1 on his warped list

    As far as southbound dining is concerned, she has no equal and the 2nd place contender is so far behind as to be totally irrelevant.

  3. In reality "a watermelon" is putting it mildly - more like sticking your dick in an open window (after the 3rd stroke) - normal "girth" dicks of course. :) :D

    but the shit stains on the drawers have gotta be the fckin worst. The penultimate worst is the "several days without a good dump and then she stinks up the bathroom" - who would want to fuck her after that? And some idiots put it in her ass?

    :D :D :D :D
  4. Lucrum


    Maybe you should try an enema before getting poked.
  5. ... ewww!!! on some of the comments!:(

    I'm white and I don't make much noise in the bedroom (maybe tmi but whatever)... you can't sum it up so "neatly," or by your own experiences (I'm guessing?)
  6. lol, a plague of pervs here.

  7. This is just nasty, but true in many cases. I am thankful for Mrs. Rennick, a lady in every sense.

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