We Knew It Was Only A Matter of Time...

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    Great! This country is gun crazy. Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy.

  2. It's interesting to me that there was not much of a groundswell in public opinion toward gun control after this incident. Traditionally, anti-gun forces have been able to use these tragedies to take away peoples' guns. It happened in both england and australia.

    I think voters understand that any additional gun control is just starting down the slippery slope. Liberals will not be satisfied until private ownership of firearms is banned, except for favored elites, movie stars and of course politicians.
  3. Do you really think that? I mean as a whole, the entire left? I don't think that's true at all. Limiting magazine size and eliminating the gun show loophole which allows immediate purchase of a weapon is not an attack on the 2nd amendment. It's just common sense, and when common sense is seen as a threat, well, that's a problem. And no, it won't keep criminals from getting guns, which is why any crime committed with a weapon should bring really, REALLY dire consequences for the criminal. The problem is our so-called system of justice needs more teeth in it, and yes, I blame the radical left for the toothless tiger that are court system has become.
    That said, let's remember the slippery slope goes in more than one direction, and many of the loons in the NRA have gone off the rails with some of their demands.
  4. I absolutely believe that a cherished goal of liberals is to bring our gun laws into conformity with countries like Great Britain where private ownership and possession of firearms is severely limited. You only have to look at jurisdictions here where they have control, like Washington, DC or NYC. I'm not saying most of them don't have good intentions, eg eliminate gun violence, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

    The so-called "gun show loophole" is the startling idea that one private individual can sell his gun to another, and the government's approval is not required. You can do the exact same thing outside a gun show and apparently it's not a problem, but for some reason if it's done in a gun show, it's a loophole. Dealers have to conduct a federal firearm's check, whether it's at a gun show or in their shop.

    You might not feel the need for an AK with a 30 round mag, but if you were a rancher in the southwest with hundreds of illegals trespassing on your land every night, you might feel differently.
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    Factual and well stated as usual.
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    Then start executing gun violence perpetrators en masse DAYS after their convictions instead of decades later.
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    I'm picking up an AR-15 before Obama bans them again like Clinton did.

    I heard someone riding through the streets just last night shouting,

    "The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!"
  8. Yes...we have to stop Joe public from owning any type of guns. Guns are bad! We need a gun policy like Mexico. Citizens there are not allowed to own guns and they NEVER have any gun violence in Mexico, right?

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    You still have not controlled for highly stratified vs. lesser stratified societies.
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