We have topped...

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  1. I have come to Elitetrader to announce the top is now in. We have topped. The next low will be in March of next year. I am putting my reputation on the line with this post. The next recession will start in January. The recovery has ended.
  2. Please go.
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    you and deadbroke should become trading partners and start a trading room

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    You my friend are a horses-ass. So kindly, get a life.

  6. I also thought we may have topped, but now that you've said we've topped I better go long. :eek:
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    Hey everybody, RDT just put out a Super Buy recomendation on the market. We've got the green light to mortgage the house and go fully invested in stocks! :D

    Wait for the RDT capitulation thread to lighten up.
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    The market will be up atleast 5% from here by years end, probably more. The market will dip next week, im a buyer at 120-121, and i will be getting incredibly long for years end. Buy any dip from here on out. Current Spy price 122.7, 05/11/2010.
  9. And you posted this as well :

    1165 to 1225 means you missed a 5% move. Not earth shattering unless you bought triple bear ETFs as a strategy. Oh wait, that was your recommendation wasn't it ?

    To your credit you "only" posted two top calls. Fly Down posted around a dozen top calls and other posters like MK Trader and Dead Broke have been posting bearish rubbish nonstop throughout this rally.
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