We have seen this movie twice already

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  1. Remember 2008?
    Fed aggressively cuts interest rates in 0.5% chunks every month
    Oil goes to $150
    Then everything collapsed

    Fed aggressively prints money
    oil goes to $115
    Then everything collapsed

    2012 February
    Fed aggressively prints money
    ECB aggressively prints money
    BoE aggressively prints money

    Oil is $110 and +10% for a week
    And next week another 1 trillion injection from ECB

    Wait till April and then buy September puts and you're rich in 3 months
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    This is the best post in a while. Bet the farm.
  3. Sounds perfect. I might even follow that advice.
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    unless third time's the charm.
  5. +1
  6. Sorry to sound like Professor Dolittle ---

    does anyone really believe we'll be bulls all the way to August and then November? I'll add, there is very little real buying going on. Very light volume, and the accumulation of shares relative to price (accumulation/distribution) is VERY low.
  7. im trading forex, im just a student at University studying something completely unrelated to finance/trading (pharmacy) so i'm not playing with large amounts of money, but im building short risk position by shorting eur/usd and going long usdcad in small chunks... so far its a red position but if we rollover within the next few weeks ill be happy and be able to pay a nice part of my tuition.

    what you guys think?
  8. staffpro

    good USDX rally is coming
    ...once equities and euro tanks.

    Check out EURAUD and EURNZD asap
  9. i see those spiking going parabolic on the hourly
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    I tend to agree with tenthousandmen. The market seems to be held up by styrofoam. I have some short positions that I would love to close out. How long do I have to wait? Grrr...
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