we have neither capitalism nor democracy!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by loza, Aug 30, 2007.

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    The problem is that US politics have been hijacked by the multinational corporations with mafia style rackets to shake the middle class from their ankles for any remaining monies. It is a huge extortion system. This is the mafia in the business system embodied. After the mafia was put out of business they moved into Wall Street and Madison Ave etc.

    All in all, neither parties give a f*ck of their voting constituencies and both the executive and legislative branches are at their lowest level of approval rating. I doubt that the EU and any industrialized country is comparable to its callousness and corruption to what is going on in the USA. This corruption and callousness is so engrained and embedded that nothing short from an economics meltdown would fix the system.

    I call the USA politics "crapitocracy" and this is the best description to it.

    It is neither capitalism nor democracy.
  2. Hey. You can't even be elected in this coun try unless you are a con man/women. :mad:

    I always support the candidate who I think is most trustworthy and I haven't had a candidate that ever stood a chance of winning in decades.