We have lost the action...

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  1. ES and index traders. The stuff rolls downhill. I was saying a month ago how the ym was loosing the volume and action, now the es...

    It has gone to the grains. Look at the charts, volume, seat prices. Money will always follow the action, just like a whore! Hedge funds at work. Seat prices on the MGEX have gone up almost 50% in the last month. We are about 3 years behind the energies with this silliness. Even the lowly oats broke it's divergence from the rest of the market today and traded in tandem.

    Press on, and apply your edge. Good luck all....

    Ag is my bag.
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    I'll have to agree that Ag is in rally mode big time. What you might save in fuel cost will be spent on higher cost for food and fiber. I just started dusting off my account for trading the grains again.
    By the way, I've been into Ag related stocks since mid January. Symbols CF, CNH, TRA and TNH. TNH stopped out about mid afternoon but I'll keep an eye on it because it's in a great sector. The whole mid section of the lower 48 will be using more farm chemicals and related products to produce more corn. The farmers are chomping at the bit to cash in on corn this season. Land rent has been pumped up already. Agpilot
  3. I own 50 acres of prime, undeveloped commercial land, across from a developing Bass Pro and my eyes popped when I saw the rental rates for ag this year. Let's see, Bob Evan's or the bean farmer? I think Bob will win but he is buying out the farmer now too... :D
  4. I hate being held hostage to index futs and will have to get into commods more seriously and yet inertia is not easy to overcome.
  5. ==================
    Bass Pro is a good brand , good prices good service;
    Cabelas also. Like the land idea, good idea.

    And if ES volume is declining ;
    try the front month contract:D Its fine.LOL

    Farmers probably needed the increased profit;
    even the soybean oil- petrol blend is high. Saw an interesing bit of news this month, TN is building some [2] switchgrass mills/refinerys whatever you call them.:cool:
  6. Until the moron central banks get around to actually applying real interest rate increases the price of real stuff is going to skyrocket. The world has to stop this constant recycling of the trade deficit into treasurys. Yields are too low and we just role from one bubble to the next.
  7. Well I dunno about you guyz, but ...


  8. Here's another oddity of the ag rally...
    I live in rural Idaho, lots of ag here...

    STRAW!! In demand, big time! Farms are having helluva time (and 50% increased cost) getting fresh feed for Spring/Summer.

    Alas, no contracts. :(
  9. you can't force the market to conform to your trading style

    if low volatility market does not suit your trading style -

    find another market
    learn how to trade this kind of market

    frankly, i find low volatility eminently tradeable
  10. I am tilling my yard come spring. 24 rows of corn and 16 rows of beans. Hay in the front yard. Saving a 20x20 drill for some oil....
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