We have all been saved at long last

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  1. US gov has cleverly placed a safety net under falling RE and saved the nation .. no no make that "saved the world"

    Good weeks work boys and girls now you can move on to....

    ... saving the world from US auto financing

    ... saving the world from US credit defaults (card and revolving)

    ... saving the world from the coming US consumer retraction ( this one starting after Christmas is going to be so much fun to watch)

    The core issue of the de-leveraging US is probably best left to Tina Fey to explain because it seems much too complicated for any Official to even attempt.

  2. I believe an auto maker bailout was passed yesterday.
  3. This brings to mind that old movie, John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.

    Midway thru the movie one of the characters is posessed and starts typing on a computer. After a page of "I live..." they type the following:

    "You will not be saved by the Holy Ghost.

    You will not be saved by the God Plutonium.

    In fact, YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED."

    Feels like now, doesn't it?

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  4. Quite right and that is the beginning of an open-ended credit line to the so called big 3.
    Now the precedence is in place they only need top-ups from here on.

    Ok so now we have RE and autos on drop-feed.

  5. Life is full of funny circumstances.

    Jesus and Muhammad (centuries apart) condemned banking interest and therefore credit.

    Today millions of God fearing people who do not pay attention to the very scriptures they quote with such gusto, are up to their ears in debt.

    Self pity floods the streets as beloved leaders continue in their vain attempts
    to appease their beloved voters who have polled overwhelmingly to let the sinners of credit hang out to dry.

    But no no no.
    The Poltiburo say that in a democracy all sinners must pay for the sins of the few.

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