We have a volume spike on Friday,

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    What do you think it means possibly?
  2. Ok I'll bite...quad witch and and a vix at 20....not to mention the big drop in the prior two days.

    Oh if your asking about what it means for the future....not a fortune teller but guess a bit higher vol
  3. Like I mentioned in another thread, I am seriously doubting the relevance of volume studies at least in the traditional sense i.e. volume spike signaling capitulation,etc. I think the presence of TWAP,VWAP algos past years which clouds intention has rendered these volume bars somewhat irrelevant. In addition, the presence of dark pools outside of exchanges (are they required to report volume to the tape? ) further complicates the picture, at least for me.
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    Equity markets?
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    It's been rising since Wednesday. Professional buying. That doesn't mean bottoming. Professionals buy on the way down.
  6. It means more shares were traded than usual

  7. Apply the volume spike to current and future content or forever remain blind.
  8. Can we have an example of this?
  9. The net was 42.5 points per contract on the ES.

    The trend analysis shows that all tradable trends were Set D type (Drift trends).

    This illustration shows the "failsafe" use of rtl's for making money.
  10. Suckerz getting out, stops getting popped & margin calls executed.

    Trend is still up, until a swing high fails to exceed Marketsurfer's short entry....

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