We have a saying at the University of Chicago

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    "It works in practice, but does it work in theory?"

    Most everyone takes pride in being realists, and mocking the "ivory tower" theories of people that appear to be out of touch with reality. I claim that without the theory, all you are doing is inventing one based on changing assumptions. It will turn you into a running chicken with your head cut off. The University of Chicago is renowned for hardcore theory. Take note: lots of Obama advisors are UofC.

    STOP WITH THE THEORY vs PRACTICE crap. One without the other is like trying to clap with one hand.

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    How many UofC-ers on this board? Show of hands, please...
  3. Suppose I build an office building. I put a parking lot 100 yards away.

    Theory A is to install sidewalk where you want people to walk.

    Theory B is not install a sidewalk and see the path people take then build a sidewalk.
  4. You can build a perfect playground. Result? Kids still play in the street and not the playground. Why? It's boring, not challenging, unless they "wreck" it.
  5. I went to UofC
  6. Totally agree.
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    "Those that cant do, teach.". It is safe in the confines of academia, you can make all the calls and assumptions you want and not be responsible if they dont go your way.

    Nonetheless, there is some validity in what you say above, I guess in theory anyways....

  8. Theory C, will people walk where you force them to walk and if so, does that mean you can influence human behavior? Ohhhh.....this is getting good.

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    They will walk where they perceive to be the largest gain/benefit for themselves. 1. shortest distance to thier car. 2. Safest route from danger, i.e. other cars, mugging, rain.etc..

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    if you pooled the UoC professors I would be SHOCKED if more than 10% agreed that obama tax proposals are the right decision at this time
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