We got BOSTON.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ElCubano, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. ElCubano


    Yeah baby...we got boston we got boston.......:D
  2. You got trouble. Also, you got two great receivers but no thrower.
  3. and Boston's got a shitty attitude.....
  4. vega


    Yeah, and you got Griese too but I don't see you starting a thread about that:eek: Just kidding, with Griese down there it may be time to open up a bar in Miami !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ElCubano


    :D ... i know i know....but he promises to trim down to 230lbs and the boy is a deep threat...as in fast...slowly but surely we are getting there...I hope.... :D
  6. ElCubano


    Hahaha...welcome to the NFL my friend. Where the coach takes a back sit to the temper tantrum high paid athletes...all we really need him for is TD's.... Would u mind Owens coming to your team; do you think Mcnabb does??? in the end they all want to win.....peace
  7. ElCubano