We foreigners have a love hate relationship with United States

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  1. someone


    We hate Bush

    we love Obama

    We hate US opulence, but we love holywood

    We hate US trigger happy arrogance but love the fact that it still keeps Russians from spilling over.

    We know US population is largely ignorant yet we can't explain overall US power and might.

    WE CRY foul when Palestinians and other get hammered by small Satan or big Satan YET deep down we know "better them instead of us"

    there you have it,
  2. Excellent. And this is economics, how?

    cold, is that you again?
  3. someone


    well seeing how we finance your debt, you owe us a little :D
  4. So sorry you could not be a superpower.

    GREEN with envy goes well with a turban.
  5. Reverse all those opinions and you are right.
  6. ess1096


    I notice you didn't say who "We" are or where you are from but I'm willing to bet that at one time or another in the past 200 years U.S. soldiers sacrificed their lives so that YOU can live your free life. So don't question our power or might, just thank us for it and go away.
  7. :p
  8. So basically your an indecisive, weak push over that only holds respect for a nation when they are saving your ass or entertaining your ass.

    An honest foreigner is almost as funny as an honest liberal.
  9. someone


    I happen to be Christian, asshole
  10. someone


    no, it is YOU ARE not your an

    so sorry so sorry don't bomb my ass :( :p
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