We don't understand the human brain

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  2. Cool video. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Most people have never seen the markets.

    Speed is NOT a requirement.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and call that guy a bullshit artist. Obviously an attention whore and made up this wild story to get people to listen to his music. (Which didnt seem to work very well as his youtube channel only has 34k views since 2006)

    If this story was real, surely his friend would've broke out the video camera to capture that first moment. (After all he did play until 2am, are they telling me that when playing for hours and hours it never occurred to them to record it?)

    Also if there was some area of the brain that was affected and caused him to just know how to play the piano, then SURELY he would be able to play ANY musical instrument just as well. Is that the case? No. Why? Because he is a liar.
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    you can not learn any new skill, you can only 'remember' the skill you allready had, because time does not exist and is an illusion to let us experience life
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    Its just like answering the question we see brain but we do not see mind, we see heart but do not see love, we see eyes but we do not see sight. Complicated but simple.
  7. that is why we need close our eyes to trade.

    in that way, we trade using our mind (the not seen thing).

    but our mind is kind of funny. the big problem with our mind is association and generalization.

    in the trading field, this creates confusions for our minds. when we see a dip, it bounces, next time, your mind will tell you: buy dip.

    but this time it does not bounce and break down, your mind will learn something again: do not buy dip, it will drop.

    so next time when you see a dip, you hesitate since your mind tells you the dip may continue to dip.

    after several rounds of being wrong and being right in this situation, your mind definitely will suffer.

    trading is not a learning activity. actually there is nothing to learn. I see people wrote journals after journals. that only creates problems for them. since no matter what you do, it always produces wrong answers, you can not avoid being wrong.

    some said betting using those high odd strategies. actually it does not matter. there is no so called high odd betting system. periodically, any strategy works greatly and poorly.

    the worst part of our brain is association, this leads to generalization.

    when we are bitten by a dog accidently, our brain will associate "dog" with danger of being bitten. this will make your barin think "dog" are dangerous, you generalize this experience.

    so in your mind, the odd of being bitten is suddenly raised to almost 100%.

    for a person who once came across a nice dog,she/he will associate dog with "nice, friendly, loyal". but actually dogs are animals, they do attack other animals, they are dangerous. for this person, he/she will not see those dangerous things in a dog.

    in my conclusion, whatever, human brain is no better than a computer CPU chip. that is why we make those obvious mistakes over and over.

  8. we are fooled by our minds many times. we are blind to facts. we are blind to those obvious mistakes.

    when the market closes, we see clearly what is going on in the market in hindsight.

    our minds are tunnel vision. if see this, then it can not see that.

    so some vetern traders will suggest: trade what you see.not what you think or see in your minds.

    since your minds will bring you into logic/retional status. "it should do that or do this" all based on what you learn. this is a big disaster. your brains shut off major facts because of your brain's knowlegde.

    when I feel I have a strong opionion about the market, I feel sick since I know I will stumble, since I will not open my eyes widely and see what is going on.

    that is why those three yrs old kids may trade better than an adult. they act accordingly to what happens, while not what they think or see in their minds.
  9. well spotted.
    This is why we need a good psy to help us "unclutter" our mind from conditionings that we might never have asked for.
    Once your mind is free of toxins, you will love relying on it.
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    nice video
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