We Don't Need No Water...

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  1. ...let the mo'fo burn.

    Seriously, who disagrees that a '87 style crash over a shorter time would do better to flush shorts and allow enough confidence to build to start the flow of sidelined cash to start streaming back into the market and allow us to build a solid base, compared to this Chinese Water Torture bullshit that we've been enduring?

    All this interventionism has backfired, whether by the fed, treasury, whatever...
  2. You mean free markets are supposed to work out their own problems? Noooo.... that can't be! [Sarcasm]
  3. You guys are unreal. Water-torture or 87 style, what makes you think a raging bull will immediately emerge?

    The world, with the US leading the way mind you, is undergoing a major economic shift. Expectation of coming to fruition within minutes or hours is ridiculous. It will take days, maybe even weeks to come full circle. LOL
  4. The psychology is just flight right now. People are probably selling a lot of nice stuff at near lows and they could care less.

    All cash, all mattress.

    Cash or fetal.
  5. RAY


    Fuking Beautiful. :D
  6. LOL!!!!!!! I agree 100% Great post bro!
  7. Just like Jimmy Rogers said.... "... trying to prop it it won't work and will do more harm than good.... need to allow system to clean out and then rebuild..."
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    Another ET'er come to his senses.

    Government intervention makes it worse.

    There's a fundamental reason for that.

    The longer rates are kept low (when they should be high and induce a crash):

    1) leverage stays big

    2) excessive Mal-Investment Grows Larger

    then, as a result:

    3) Losses and Bankruptcies are more severe and deep


    4) Bigger Crash and More Severe Recession.

    Intervention didn't save the Nikkei in 1990.

    Nor will Bernacke save the DOW, or the economy!