we don't have too much time left to trade, another 25 years that is all

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    the Kyoto Protocol is an amendment to the international treaty on climate change, assigning mandatory targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to signatory nations. almost all developed countries signed it because they agreed that climate is changing due to gas emissions.

    it was signed on 1998.

    so how come the united nations agreed upon on this in 98, if they weren't sure about it?
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  2. RedDuke


    Like I said, it is a great political and social topic.

    I am not a scientist, so I have no clue. But what I do know is that a comlex topic as such have too many variables to make the statements of certainty.
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  3. Well good for china,, who wants a fat dad who can't play ball, or a dad like rush limbaugh addicted to hill billy heroin.

    As regards global warming. The fact is scientists are always expanding their understanding, and when many scientists have varying opinions it is very hard to know what is truth. So is global warming a natural event or a manmade disaster. Who knows?
    What we do know is that our consumption of fossel fuels is polluting the earth and killing people and affecting wildlife. So we do need to change our lifestyle.
    Big business is not a charity and they have a responsibilty to make money for their investors, so to believe anything they say is putting faith in a piss on your back and tell you it's raining type of capitalism is very foolish.
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  4. Scientists and priests are equally stupid. They can only see 50% of reality. About global warming.. Speed it up faster and faster, these winters are too damn cold.
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    coming from voodoo king thats not much of a surprising revelation.
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  6. Allen3


    well it looks like thousands of scientists know better than that. it is an undeniable fact that the recent exponential growth in emissions pumped into the atmosphere by, amosgst other, millions of petrol based engines, industrial air pollution and massive electrical production based on non fossil fuel has changed the atmosphere chemical balance. So no matter what happened in the past which happened in its due course, now we facing an era in which, the changes are driven by us. And it doesn't look OK, at least from my perspective, that we are ruining the earth natural balance, so we can fulfill our hedonistic goals. Maybe mother nature will soon teach us a lesson.

    #1) CO2 is a gas.

    #2) CO2 can only absorb, block, or a certain wavelength of light energy

    #3) Water out numbers CO2 in our atmosphere by a huge multiple. It also over laps most of the wavelength effected by CO2 and is responsible for the greenhouse in which feeble humans can survive.

    #4) With out more light energy from the sun for our gases to effect we reach a point of deminishing returns in our quest to destroy the world.

    #5) Thousands of scientists wanted to paint the artic with soot to make it melt less than forty years ago.

    #6) To keep grant money flowing they will say anything. Fear is big business. Just ask any of the Kyoto nations who have spent trillions, and especially all the companies set up for enviornmental businesses and apply for subsidies. For escientially producing nothing and only complicating things they are paid billions. An incredible business model that can only be brought to you be FEAR.

    Ahh money and power. The UN needs money and wants more power and oversight. They need something universal that is scary to bring us all closer under the UN banner. A couple more pictures of ice breaking off glaciers should do the trick. It does even cost that much or create much upheaval. It's something everyone can get behind. Who wants there babies dead?

    To put it all in trading terms. A little less Fast Stochastics a little more 200 period moving average. The turns are for dopes. At least they built in there escape hatch this time. Global Warming will lead to COOLING. Ah climate change. Perfect. Whatever happens the money keeps flowing.

    Believe what you will as will I.


    P.S. Al Gore is lame y'all can do better than that.
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    First problem....
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  8. laptop


    I am not saying there isn't politics and money involved in "green" mantra too

    but climate change is noticeable where I am.

    and if Al Gore is even half correct, we are truly screwed

    all I ask is go see his movie and judge him then not before
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  9. dagobaz


    is global warming proven ? no. Is it likely, based on the observable evidence ? yes.

    ok: other posters have observed that the marketing of global warming has been designed to :

    1) get us to "invest" in non-proven, expensive to market, alternative energy schemes

    2) get us to pay ridiculous sums to clean up the "sources" of global warming, be the current fad CO2, fossil fuel, ozone, etc

    is the use of resources to accomplish these goals quantifiably worth the expense ? not at this time, imho.

    i wish to posit something else, bear with me, if you will: global warming is real, but it is caused by the heat produced from a high-energy civilization. consider how much heat is generated by your: bmw, lawnmower, water heater. then, consider how much is produced by semi tractors, ocean tankers, steel mills, f-16 fighters. power plants, refineries, stored nuclear waste, etc.

    in the aggregate, where does this heat go ? into the biosphere. why is this hypothesis never addressed ? Simple. What would you advise people to do ? Turn off all their machines ?

    as we progress, making our machines more efficient, so to will we contribute more and more heat to the biosphere.

    If i lived in FL, i would relocate now, before this becomes obvious even to the evangel polloi who believe in the rapture, anti-science, and a flat-earth.
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