we don't have too much time left to trade, another 25 years that is all

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by laptop, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. laptop


    guys have you seen movie by that democrat lapdog Al Gore.

    who by the way isn't getting any cent from movie revenue, its all going to charity

    well watching that inconvenient truth, I came to realize that we only have about 25 years of living off the markets

    after that my dear traders, world will be in so much chaos, we'll go suck a lemon
  2. Gee, maybe you should try to do something about it.
  3. laptop


    are you joking cause if you are it ain't funny.

    if you are not joking, I would say vote god damn democrat.
  4. ken__0


    very amusing
  5. laptop


    Ken, you could very well be a trading genius for all I know.

    but you are a huge dumb ass, if you think this is amusing.

    go watch Al Gore's movie then we will talk
  6. the freaks come out at night
  7. laptop


    Jimmy Jam

    I'll celebrate the day you blow up, like your buddy electric

    so full of knowledge but unable to make a dime

    you've been marked as dumb ass in my books jimmy since apr of 2006
  8. ken__0


    I refuse to watch that movie if i want to c nothing but propaganda
    I will go for a trip to china.
    And I know you were thinking of adopting a chinese baby but china has placed new restrictions you cannot be obese or take certain medicines.
    True fact I shit you not.
  9. al gore is a moron..........he knows about as much about global warming as his handlers spoon feed him. global warming is big business for academics, companies, and various interest groups. Its all about the green, its just not the green your thinking of, its the green of money that`s really behind the global warming debate. When in doubt, follow the money trail.
  10. laptop


    me adopting a baby


    I got balls so full, I could make 1000 babies

    why don't we get back on track, which is........now I forgot, thanks a lot
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