We don't have a prayer people, Here is what's a comin

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    You Wish

    This coming GPS census coming to every door in America will first collect all your information including race and income and which roads you use on daily basis.

    Your government is going to chose from this information who gets to live in the future and who doesn't.

    Population will be reduced to 500 million world wide, and many of you won't be in it.


    so the military picks you up when the time comes

    good luck
  2. You Wish

    You Wish

    future is ultimately designed by ETs who have claimed this planet for themselves

    sucks to be the little guy :(
  3. hehehe
  4. I actually think this guy has some legitimate points. We're only required to tell the census that we live there, but they harass people for not telling them more.

    The thing that gets me about this claim that they only want 500mil people in the world -- why?? So many goods and services are produced by a vast network of people well in excess of 500mil. How can technological progress happen if they cut the population down to 500million? I don't get it from that perspective. The elite more or less require a vast network of exploitation to exist in order for them to live the lives they lead. 500mil seems excessive.

    My bet is that they just kill most Africans and take over the continent the way North America was taken over from the Native Americans. Africans are a dead race or will be the first to go, and it will be a bio weapon that was designed to kill them. HIV is already doing the job -- if this swine flu combines with HIV and hits Africa, they will all die.
  5. You Wish

    You Wish

    yes killing Africans and others is a given, but don't be so sure skippy that you live either
  6. Yeah I'm a goner. I literally depend on their Zyrtec to get through the day, and that's because I have allergies, ... which are probably a sign that I'm gonna get cancer from the toxins my body just flat out doesn't like.
  7. Thats not funny......US Census already came to GPS my front door of my home in AUS last week. I told the lady from the US Census that I do not consent and she said it was too late. She said she took the GPS data for my home front door before she knocked, to then hand me some small slip of paper about the legal authorization for what the US Census is doing. I asked her if she was doing all the homes in the area and she said for that day mine was the only one scheduled.......:mad:

    Our govt is BEYOND sick......they have fully transitioned to evil. :eek:



    Well at least now when SWAT is sent to your homes they will not get lost!!! :eek: .....or if your REAL NAUGHTY they can send you a JDAM to your front door as a gift.......REMOTE! :eek:
  8. My ignore list has grown at an alarming rate this week.
  9. Well unfortunate for YOU.....you WILL NOT be on the ignore list of the US Census! :eek:

    :D :p :D
  10. Yes, and half of them are the OP's aliases (c-kid).
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