We didn't get here by accident, degeneration on all levels is no accident

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    Yeah I don't know if the document is real, but what it described sure is real and happening.

    Do you deny there is a quiet war going on?


    Maybe the middle class just "happened" to disappear...
    Maybe our people just "happen" to be sick and dumb...

    Maybe our foods and medicine just happen to be full of crap that's bad for us...

    And all of our politicians just happen to be bad at their job...
    Is that it??? Just one big accident...

    Manual of operations 1979 introduction to Federal Reserve

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  3. Help! It's a perfect conspiracy! Everything is!
  4. As a rule, I consider every conspiracy theory which requires a conspiracy larger than the largest conspiracy ever uncovered to be false.

    If a conspiracy smaller than the one required by the conspiracy theory was broken up, how could an even larger conspiracy not be? It's just common sense.
  5. If you know about it, the people purpetrating it are not very competent
  6. Any conspiracy that grows beyond a certain size will have at least one member incompetent enough to reveal it to the larger public. Once that member becomes part of the conspiracy, failure is inevitable.
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    You are absolutely correct.This is the future:

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    The thing about our psychopathic bankers in charge

    their ideas are so grand and unnatural that they are unachievable

    but I am sure they think it can be done