We Cannot Prosecute Millions of Lawbreakers?????

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  1. The trump card of all illegal immigration apologists is that "we can't round up 10 million people". According to President Out to Lunch, the fact that illegals hold jobs for the most part means they are good people and should not be prosecuted for coming here illegally.

    I got to wondering how this logic would apply to other areas. For example, millions of Americans smoke weed. Most of them are good people who hold jobs. Why should they have their lives ruined for one simple thing that most of the country doesn't care about anyway?

    How about prostitution? Here the analogy is we don't really enforce the law anyway, so isn't it unfair to apply it selectively to good people who are just trying to earn a living? You say you don't like hookers patrolling your gentrified neighborhood? Plenty of people don't care to have to wade through a crowd of surly illegals when they go to 7-11 or Home Depot.

    I just finished doing my taxes a few weeks back. I know if there are any errors the IRS will be all over me. I hate to think what they would do if I hid income or claimed a vast number of fraudulent dependents, then didn't bother to even file a return. Of course, former DC Mayor Marion "Crackpipe" Barry did exactly that and the government gave him a pass, but ordinary citizens shouldn;t expect such slack. Unless, they are illegals that is. Apparently the IRS doesn't even bother trying to go after illegals who thumb their noses at our tax laws or employers who knowingly accept withholding forms stating that 18 year olds have 12 dependents. I guess the key is they are good people just trying to make a decent living for themselves. The rest of us are leeches.

    So Mr. President, thanks for explaining this all to us and I look forward to seeing this principle applied to all areas of our life.
  2. Final answer:
    "The Suicide of the West".

    We got there.

    It's not today's Mr. President's fault but of those many millions of dopes who voted for tens of years for that bunch of good-for-nothing fools.
  3. If they were 10 million members of Al Quaeda, what would we do?
  4. Become their slaves.
  5. Ricter


    You gotta do the ROI on those problems. The cost to round them all up exceeds the benefit. You spend a little money on the problem, and set aside the rest for the other problems.