We can learn from Karachi...

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  1. when the stock markets went down,
    and their currency went hay wire...

    they rioted.....


    we could learn a thing or two from them....

    Voices: Karachi investor gloom

    Angry investors have attacked the Karachi Stock Exchange in protest at plunging Pakistani share prices.

    Investors who have made big losses and a witness to the protests describe the deepening gloom within the financial community.


    Aftermath of protest outside Islamabad stock exchange
    Protesters burned tyres outside the Islamabad exchange
    I have been affected badly affected by the share prices.

    My stock values have gone down a lot. This was an extra income I used to earn which no longer exists. So I feel the pressure.

    There are people who are really gloomy, who are finding it really hard - many get all their income from the stock market.

    That is what they do. They are in a terrible situation.

    I work in the stock market too as an investment analyst. Small investors started protesting and asking the market to be closed down. They were blaming the government for market manipulation.

    I think lots of small businesses will be forced to close down.

    I don't think the government is doing a good job in dealing with this. I don't think the stock market is their top priority now.
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    what do people think. just by putting money into stocks they are always going to keep making money? then why invest in something you dont how it works?
  3. Aok


    Whats to learn?

    That the avg mentality of a man is that of a slave who every day leans more and more to the state taking care of him?

    War is coming.
  4. the only way we're getting a riot is if we can't fill up our Expeditions anymore.
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    learn from karachi? :)

  6. They're on their way to get their Series 7.
  7. I lean more and more to this becoming a reality. I hope I'm really wrong.