We better get our Act together Fast

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  1. We are getting passed by.
    I guess every empire eventually does.
    The U.S. is falling by the way side and I expect Obama and the Democrats to speed up the process.
    This country is losing its competitive edge.
    The end is near when you see chinese buying more cars than the average american can.
    I feel we just gave it all away the last few years.

  2. 377OHMS


    Nope. We gave it away November 3rd, 2008.

    The liberals won the culture war, won Congress and won the Whitehouse.

    And it isn't America that has been passed by, it is Democracy.
  3. This started in 1970, when the gold standard was completely removed. It accelerated in 1981 when politicians realized that without the gold restraint, they could create the illusion of realtime prosperity by increasing spending and passing the bills on to future generations. The delayed ponzi scheme of borrowing from/robbing future generations to pay people in the present could not last forever. We could make it past this recession because the dollar still has relative worth as it is the exchange fiat of choice. The next recession, when the dollar may not be supreme and all resources were exhausted to make it through this one, worries me.
  4. Yeah, because things were going so well prior to that. Wake up.
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    I don't care what side of the political fence you are on --> The George Bush years (8 of them) have set us back 20; there is absolutely no denying that. Credit Crisis, Banking mess, Mortgage mess, Fiscal mess, International Imperialism to the extreme gone bad, lower savings rate, doubling + of the national debt, need I go on ????

    I don't agree with everything the current administration is doing, but let's get real.....do you really think this destruction of our country has happened in the last several months ?? Please open your eyes wide !!
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    Yep, I want more of the good times that this country had from 2000 to 2008!!!

    ROFLMAO at the blinders you see the world with.
  7. Things were going good until it was pretty clear that Obama was going to win, about Aug/Sept 08. Then, confidence dropped through the floor and it all snowballed.
  8. lol, is that Mark Twain?
  9. Right on.

    An analogy would be like a retired person (America) seeing his financial prowess and security dwindling.... no more income from work, interest on his CDs have be reduced to zero, maybe even his pension or Social Security benefits have been reduced.... he has to live on whatever benefits he has and his savings.

    What he really should do is (1) realize he can't recover his former financial strength, and (2) get more conservative so that he can maintain his lifestyle at a decent level for as long as he can.

    What he might do is say, "screw it... I'll just spend everything I have now and worry about things later".

    "Spend it now and worry later".. is the path we've been on for quite some time... Bush made it worse. NObama and CONgress will make it MUCH worse yet. History will recall them as the "tipping point"... the "acceleration" to our demise .... :mad:
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