"We are Wall Street" - This flier was dropped on Occupy protestors in Chicago

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  1. Boy this place swings whichever way it has to to justify bullshit, doesn't it?

    To the Austrian stupes: yes, fractional reserve banking is as much a part of the markets as anything else. As I've written before, practically the minute Europe awoke from the Dark Ages, there were banks and there were bankers. All of them fractional reserve, because there has NEVER been a bank that wasn't a fractional reserve bank. Bank = fractional reserve bank.

    To the stupes who believe that crap on that piece of paper: no country has prospered that has allowed the financial part of the economy to overwhelm everything else. That guy who wrote that doesn't understand that all of us would be better off if he were doing something other than finance, speaking generally. Finance needs to shrink. If he were doing something else, that doesn't mean the middle class gets destroyed; it means the smart folks like him (assuming he is, and it looks like he is) do something else, and create jobs doing that something else. Lots more jobs than what he's doing now creates, not because what he does is evil, but because we're too skewed towards finance, and not enough towards production (whether of non-financial goods or services).
    That idiocy about eating what he kills or something? That shows his rudimentary understanding of economics: business deals aren't a zero-sum game, even if one side does usually come out ahead of the other. Business deals are done because both sides benefit. And when both sides benefit the economy grows.
  2. Wall Street morons think "jobs" is a zero sum game..lol
  3. That's from the movie "Margin call"

    The character who speaks those words is an asshole, a liar and a crook who knowingly puts his clients out of business.

  4. Ask someone who is unemployed what the sum of money is flowing into their pocket.