We are rich!!!

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    Well now. Seeing as how you are an obvious "winner in life's lottery", it's time to "level the playing field" and have you "pay your fair share." Please send all your financial assets to the UN.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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    MohdSalleh, thanks for the globalrichlist link ! It really puts things into perspective !!! Thanks again !
  3. Neat site, but some unfortunate leftist propaganda as well.

    Giving to Haiti/Africa? The bottom line is a people with an average IQ of about 70 will NEVER have a standard of living that comes close to East Asians and Europeans.

    The best thing we could do for the various African-populated third world sh*tholes to just leave them the hell alone and let them return to the primitive way of life that better suits their native traits.
  4. The site asks for a donation.

    If you income is zero...

    "Poor countries lose around £1.3 billion everyday as a direct result of trade policies that put profits before people.

    Trade you 3 chickens for an MRI.
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    Is that accurate?

    By that more than half of people makes < $1000 year?
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    When I was a desk jockey, a coworker buddy of mine (working the same job) found that and said "oh, look I am richer than 99.13% of everybody". So naturally I look myself up and said "cool, I am richer than 99.14%"

    (awkward silence)
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    Its good to know that there are morons like "1prometheus" on this site who are openly racist.
  8. Check the facts zanek.

    I challenge you to find an IQ test that does not show races differ in intelligence. 100 years of results a sample size of millions upon millions does not lie. Regardless of the cause (I do believe it is genetic, but it does not really matter) a people with an IQ of around 70 will not able to manage a modern, technological economy.

    The racist "bogyman" moral intimidation tactic is wearing thin. Bottom line: We cannot expect Africans on their own to manage a western or East Asian style country effectively. Your personal wishful thinking does not change facts.

    And why should they? Africans should live a life that is consistent with who they are, NOT by our standards. We need to leave Africans the hell alone. So in that sense, PC bots like you are the racists.
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