We are offering a 50% discount price on all of our US 1min / tick data !

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    For all entities (or individual traders) that are interested in getting their hands on 1 minute aggr or tick data for equities, for all US exchanges - we are offering a special discount price now!

    What does this mean ?

    - You get the highest data quality out there. All of our data comes directly from the exchanges, and we never use 3rd parties.

    - We have all delisted securities, symbol changes, bankruptcies, corporate actions - so no survivorship bias (unlike many vendors there)

    - You can get adjusted and unadjusted data

    - We have all US exchanges, including OTC's, which many other lack

    - You can get the entire US market dataset. Our data goes back 15 yrs and consists of more than 5 Billion 1 minute records

    - You can also get the raw tick minute data which consists of a few TB of data

    I can guarantee our prices are the lowest in the mkt for this kind of coverage and data quality - try me

    Reach out to us if ur interested:
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  2. This sounds good.

    In what "package sizes" are the data "packed" :) LOL
    I mean, is it weekly, monthly or yearly or is there no such limit?
    And, when will the data of "now" be available for the clients to access?
    And: is this stock, index, ETF data only, or do you have also option data?
    Any samples avail for downloading?
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  3. %%
    Good points on data with splits + dividends. Many try to hide the fact \ C reverse split10-1.
    So Citigroup @ $51 is really $5.10\ close to a penny stock:D:D
  4. Aisone


    I need 1-second NQ nasdaq data, but qqq would do. Do you offer that?
  5. From my experience at one vendor: for a stock I had ordered 3 months of 1-min historical data of recent past months. I paid via PayPal, and could immediately download the oldest month, but for the other 2 months it said "Processing... Please wait". Unfortunately it said this about a week long!... :) Then I contacted the support, and they said that the job queue is long, but that she now took my job in front. Yes, it then indeed finished. But I just asked myself what an incompetent idiots these people are... B/c this does not need to be... from an economical point of view in the first place (ie. just add some more servers), and it disappoints customers so that the customer will be careful ever again placing an order there b/c nobody likes to make such an unpleasant experience, go thru such an ordeal of long waiting, and also see such an unprofessional incompetence at the other side... (I mean: it's even worser than professional incompetence :D).
    Just IMHO...
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    There are no limitations on the data. we have all tick data, which is the raw trades, and also aggregates such as 1 minute / 1 day / 1 week etc'

    everyday the data is updates at EOD.

    we cover only US Equities - so stocks, ETF's, etc, and we focus only on that bcs we do it well and have the best quality of data out there.

    Yes - we can provide samples of the data, in any timeframe for any stock at any time :)
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    yes. reach out to us on DM or email!
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    thats why i say were the best in the game. We have all dividends / splits and have buils special tools that allow us to determine the adj/unadj prices and volume. a lot of vendors lack this, have poor splits/div data or miss a lot of the calculations.

    We do this as well for delisted securities, ticker changes, mergers etc'. we take great note of all of this.
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    Well.. i dont know which vendor you have worked witj, but we specialize in this kind of stuff, and do it all day. We can provide data via FTP/API/AWS S3 bucket if ur an AWS etc'.. basically we do all the hard work for you so you dont have to do anything and just get that data straight away!
  10. Your website says "Spikeet Inc". Where is your company incorporated? Is it an LLC?
    And why is the postal address not published at the web site? Is this an American company? Or maybe an Israeli company?
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